January 9/19: Post #282

For those who have read this blog since I started it in 2012, thanks for your interest in public education and in SD61 Greater Victoria.

Board processes are much more transparent and understandable now than when I started this blog as a new trustee. Votes are now recorded for accountability to you. Bringing that change to this Board process is something I’m pleased with having achieved. The Board runs on Robert’s Rules as per Board Bylaw, not nebulous “Board Traditions”, something I also worked hard to achieve.

This will be the last meeting report post on this blog, though I will continue to update the list of motions carried and defeated. At present the Board website has a list of motions carried. ( I’m pleased to have achieved that as well.) I made a case for motions defeated to also be recorded as well but that didn’t capture majority interest.

And I  think I’ve helped keep the subjunctive case alive, and the subjunctive case has its fan club. Not a big one.

At this time I’ll maintain my Facebook page Diane McNally SD61 Greater Victoria School Trustee  https://www.facebook.com/McNallyForPublicEducation/  and my Twitter account McNallySD61BCTrustee @McNallySD61BC. Instagram account diane.mcn but don’t expect much from that. I don’t use it much. 1000 words is worth 1000 words, to me.

Minutes of Board meetings and meetings of the Standing Committees are on the SD61 website.Agendas for meetings are posted the Friday before the Monday meeting.

I hope to see you in the public seats.


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