Feb 1/19: BCED Funding Model Review: Working Groups Chairs Appointed

This morning the BCSTA updated Trustees on the funding model working groups. Were you / your organization asked to approve a representative to speak for you?  Will that happen? Soon?

On December 19 the Ministry of Education released an update regarding the Funding Model Review, full text here.

As the next phase of renewing the Province’s education funding model, B.C.’s Minister of Education is asking parents, teachers, support staff, school administrators and others to help shape the path forward to make education funding work better for students in the classroom…. The working groups will include representation by all education partners including teachers, parents, school administrators, support staff, trustees, superintendents, the First Nations Education Steering Committee and inclusive education groups. The groups will report back in the fall of 2019. No changes will be made to the existing funding model for the 2019-20 school year.

Trustees have the  following opportunities for further information and input over the coming weeks:

  • IN 7 DAYS (only heard about this this morning) :  Feb 8/9 BCSTA Provincial Council meeting will feature Reg Bawa, Assistant Deputy Minister, who will provide an update on the Funding Model Review process Friday evening. The Saturday Issues Forum at PC will also feature an opportunity to discuss the FMR report in detail as well as next steps in the process. Agenda is unavailable for the public; on the BCSTA Hub.
  • BCSTA President Gordon Swan and CEO Mike Roberts will attend the Ministry of Education’s information session with other education partners on February 15 – meeting expected to address  information regarding opportunities for board input and discussion regarding the Funding Model Review process next steps.
  • Individual boards  have the opportunity to provide opinions o and analysis of the independent panel’s report of December 2018.that report here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/…review/independent_review_panel-final_report_2018.pdf

BC Boards of Education will be scrambling to do the following in what from my view is a far too tight  time line:

  • Make time to review the report
  • Set up and complete (full? fulsome?) consultation with local education partners
  • Develop a Board formal response to the recommendations contained in the report

The SD761 Board chair, superintendents and secretary-treasurer along with those from other Districts  will receive additional information and have time to  discuss potential changes to the funding model during a February 22 BCSTA / Ministry of Education Joint Liaison Meeting. 

There are official channels and there are individual voices – yours.

Minister of Ed Rob Fleming’s letter below gives the names of those who have been  appointed to chair the review committees.

1 2019-01-22 RFleming to Ed Partners funding formula

2 2019-01-22 RFleming to Ed Partners funding formula


3 2019-01-22 RFleming to Ed Partners funding formula




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