March 2019: Ministry of Education Funding Formula Review, Again

Be careful what you wish for.

Ministry working groups have Ministry-appointed Chairs, and soon will or now have members. No info on who the members are. Yet.

Boards have until the end of March to get responses to this round of consultation in to the Ministry. Given that the SD61 Board meeting  is on March 11, and spring break  starts at the end of that week and goes to the end of March, the SD61 Board will need to get this done on March 11 for a corporate response. My own earlier response here, hand delivered to the Minister of Education personally. (No, I did not present myself as speaking for the corporate Board. )

Hoping to see parents of children and youth with special needs (aka “inclusive learners”, or as I’ve also heard, “students who have diversity”….)  as critical stakeholders in how this funding formula  works out, on March 4 at Ed Policy, and the Board meeting on March 11. Counter to usual advice, questions that can be answered “yes” or “no” can be helpful for clarity.

Monday March 4 agenda here.

Thanks to Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee Chair Nicole Duncan for preparing the slides for the March 4 meeting.


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