May 12/19: Funding Formula Letters: SD75 Mission, SD28 Quesnel, SD38 Richmond, SD63 Saanich

BC Ministry of Education – Improving Equity And Accountability: Report of the Funding Model Review Panel

FF 6 1

FF 6 2

SD75 Mission: Of most concern is that the new modeling accurately reflects the needs and nature of a school district. As indicated above, Recommendations 6 and 8 may be the most impactful for school districts, but present significant challenges for implementation. Rebuilding the structure for special education is daunting and eliminating the CEF will require a delicate balance between flexibility in classrooms and working conditions for staff.


Mission 2019-03-14 SD75 2

SD28 Quesnel: We are sceptical that the prevalence model will capture the accurate criteria.

Quesnel 2 2019-04-17 SD28 GJackson to RFleming re FMR fe

Quesnel 3 2019-04-17 SD28 GJackson to RFleming re FMR fe

SD38 Richmond: We are concerned that providing funding to vulnerable students based on a ‘prevalence’ model will potentially result in less funding to support services for our vulnerable students. The current funding model does not adequately service vulnerable students and if the Ministry moves to a prevalence model, this could shift funding from districts which are providing higher levels of service to those districts that are not. There are potential equity issues as well as compliance issues with collective agreement language around class composition that will need to be addressed. This is an area of underfunding currently and given no change to the quantum of funding, this recommendation could have the most impact on reallocating of funding from one district to another. Is the intent to provide funding on a service/needs basis or is this simply a different method of allocating funding?

Richmond 2019-04-11 SD38 1

Richmond 2019-04-11 SD38 2

Richmond 2019-04-11 SD38 3


SD63 Saanich: … prevalence model …highlight the importance of seeking feedback from  wide range of concerned or affected partners…

Saanich 1 2019-04-17 SD63 VMartin to Ministry of Educait

Saanich 2 2019-04-17 SD63 VMartin to Ministry of Educait

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