Trustee Questions “Parking Lot” : Long Term Parking

Early in 2019 a “Parking Lot” was established by staff for Trustee questions no one apparently had time to answer. My questions below have been “parked” since early 2019.

Parking Lot

1. PISE Update:
a) Is PISE acting as a private contractor for SD61 sports programs?
b) What is the SD61 budget for all PISE services annually?
c) How many SD61 students are receiving service from PISE as a paid contractor, apart from PISE after school PE activity visits?
d) How many private contractors are paid – salary or honoraria – for providing sports related services at Academies or otherwise?

2. Scholastic:
a) Could the Board have a report on the amount of money generated for SD61 by Scholastic and what the money that remains at schools / in the District is used for
b) and the amount in the 2017-18 school year that school sales earned for Scholastic Corp by hosting these fairs?

3. Inclusion Support Worker:

Is this new position only in Coquitlam or other districts as well?

4. Community School Information
a) How many community school coordinators are there in SD61 schools?
b) What is the future of the community school model in SD61?
c) The history?

5. Buses and Seatbelts:
1) How many buses are operating in SD 61 which are contracted out, and how many do we own and operate?
2) What are the plans for the fleet with regards to safety (seatbelts) and future use and integration of seatbelts into school buses that are operated in SD 61 as this relates to new federal seatbelt regulations made in July 2018 under the “Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations”?

6. Approved Projects:
The Surrey School District has on their website information that focuses on approved seismic projects and their current state, including completion percentages for approved projects. How difficult would it be to replicate this for the SD 61 website?

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