Sept 23/19: Board Meeting: George Jay, Vic High, Crossing Guards, Audited Financial Statements SD61

The Greater Victoria School District wishes to recognize and acknowledge theEsquimalt and Songhees Nations, on whose traditional territories, we live, welearn, and we do our work.

A.3 Business arising from the Minutes: Chair Watters asked for update from Policy Committee.

  • McNally: Policy Cttee tasked with developing two complex policies SD61 has never had. Delivered Role of Superintendent in June via motion carried by the Board. Over the summer have been working on Evaluation of the Superintendent. Complex policy; Committee not able to meet June timeline for that Policy as well. Planning for October Board presentation.

A.5 District Presentations: Facilities Update : Presentation here.

A.6 Community Presentations (5 minutes each):
a. Angela Carmichael, PAC President, George Jay Elementary
b. c. d. Scott Fox, Chris Grieve, Corey Kowal, Vic High land use (presentations here)
e. Anne Downton, District EA, View Royal Elementary School: video here

B. Correspondence: Pp 21 / 23: letters from District of Saanich and Town of View Royal re Crossing Guards

C. Trustee Reports:
Chair: P24-25. Chair likely will not attend Joint Liaison Meeting for Chairs, Superintendents, Secretary-Treasurers and the Ministry of Education – verbal correction to report.
a. Whiteaker: P 26
b. Duncan: P 27-28
C. McNally

September 2019 Trustee Report
Diane McNally, Trustee, SD61 Greater Victoria Board of Education

Municipal Liaison Assignments: 

  • Town of View Royal: Concerns from Mayor regarding crossing guards funding. Have noted that responsibility for speaking for the Board on this issue is the Chair’s, not an individual trustee.
  • Therapeutic Recovery Community neighbourhood committee no longer meets; is well established closed facility in former YDC building down Talcott from Eagleview.

Community Activity:

  • August 31: International Overdose Awareness Day
  • Ongoing strategic planning and committee work No More Drug War Victoria (was South Island Community Overdose Responders Network)
  • Holding Hope parent support group (pwud; ongoing)
  • September 10: Our Place AGM

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Equity Ad Hoc Committee: No meeting called for September by Ad Hoc Committee Chair.
  • Policy Advisory Committee: 14th meeting since January 2019 on September 27. Focus on final iteration of Superintendent Evaluation Policy, a first for SD61.

Aboriginal Nations Education Council: Next meeting October 21.Thanks to Indigenous Education District Administrator Shelly Niemi for the summer reading list: Grey Eyes (Frank Busch) , Kiss of the Fur Queen (Tomson Highway), and Unsettling Canada (Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson). As a settler, no matter what I think I know, that leads to more I didn’t know. Ever learning, with appreciation for the ongoing guidance. Next: Starlight (Richard Wagamese).

SD61 Board & Related meetings:

  • August 24: Year end review / beginning Board Strategic planning
  • August 30: Board strategic planning and governance review
  • September 3: My Place update (Yates Street transitional shelter) with Trustee Duncan
  • September 9: Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee (voting member)
  • September 16: Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee (non voting participant)

D. Board Committee Reports
D.2 b Motions carried at Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee [no motions coming forward from Ed Policy this month] , recommended to the Board:

i. That the Board accept  revised Regulation 3323 Purchasing Services as presented. [ Increased D. Procurement Thresholds] / Carried. Unanimous.
ii. Board direct Superintendent, pursuant to Policy and Reg 1421, and applicable legislation, to establish a committee to explore changing the name of George Jay School. For: Duncan, Hentze, McNally, Painter, Paynter, Whiteaker  Against: Leonard Abstain: Watters

Regulation 1421: When naming a school site, the Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) will appoint a committee to oversee consultation for the development of a suitable name. This will be done pursuant to Policy 1163 and Regulation 1163 – Consultation. The committee should include, at the minimum, the following:
a) A Trustee
b) The Superintendent or their delegate
c) The School Principal
d) A member of the school’s teaching staff
e) A member of the school’s Parent Advisory Council
f) Up to 2 members of the Indigenous community
g) Up to 3 members of the local community

  • Leonard: Can’t support changing a name because of historical reasons.

D.3 Audit Committee Report : 4 motions carried unanimously. P 4/153 agenda.

E. District Leadership Team [senior staff] Reports:
a. Superintendent’s Report – accepted.
b. Anaphylaxis aggregate report: 2 incidents in 2018-19 school year.

  • McNally: What were the triggers for the anaphylaxis? Outside? In the classroom? So we can do better.
  • Superintendent: Marnice Jones is the point person for this.

c. Trustee Questions:

E.2 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: Accepted. Unanimous.

F. [Public] Question Period [see 6.A here for the end of the 3 year effort to get this on the agenda]

  • Kristil Hammer (parent / DPAC) : District moved medically fragile students from Victor School to Richmond. Will they be going back to Victor?
  • Superintendent: Mold investigation and remediation at Victor continues.
  • Allison Bottomley: School District investment holdings?
  • Acting Sec-Treas Stride: Bank; Ministry deposit plan Ontario bond, $500,000 originally, $700,000 now, will hold until 2024.
  • Jenn Sutton (parent): Federal funding for French Immersion in addition to FTEs?
  • Stride: Will follow up. / [BC Gov’t info here.]

H. New Business / Notices of Motion: None
I. Adjournment: 9:25 pm

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