Oct 28/19: SD61 Board Meeting : Late French Immersion

Agenda here.

I very rarely have missed a Board meeting in seven years but I will miss tonight’s. Submitting my Trustee report online in WordPress, Twitter and Facebook, and by email to colleagues.

October 2019 Trustee Report
Diane McNally, Trustee, SD61 Greater Victoria Board of Education

Municipal Liaison Assignments: 

  • Town of View Royal: No report.

Community Activity:

  • Long term and continuing participation in No More Drug War Victoria community committee, formerly South Island Consortium of Overdose Responders Network

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Equity Ad Hoc Committee: Could not attend October 7 (also on Committee, Trustee Whiteaker).
  • Policy Advisory Committee: As of October 24th meeting, 16 meetings since January 2019. Trustees Paynter and McNally have submitted a Superintendent Evaluation Policy document (a first for SD61) which has been temporarily set aside in order to focus on Bylaw: Trustee Role, Code of Conduct and Sanctions, Policy / Bylaw Role of Chair and Vice Chair. Approved Policy Provision of Menstrual Products. (Also on Committee, Trustee Paynter.)

Indigenous Nations Education Council: October 21 meeting minutes will be provided by IED executive assistant Paola Bell.  I have been the SD61 Trustee representative on this Committee for a few years now, and continue to be grateful for the opportunities to learn over the years.

SD61 Board & Related meetings:

  • September 30: SD61 Strategic Plan development with Julie MacRae. Next date October 30.
  • October 7: Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee (voting member)
  • October 21: Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee
  • October 25 District Pro-D Day: Attended afternoon session Naloxone Training: training and information from members of SOLID Victoria
  • October 28: Not in attendance: Board of Education meeting

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