March 9/20 Board Meeting: Advocacy Letter Re Funding

SD61 Board of Education advocacy letters under Board of Education menu.

At D.2 a, March 9 Agenda (P 20):


At the January 6, 2020 Education Policy and Directions Committee Meeting Trustee McNally put forward the following motion for consideration:“That the Board of Education of Greater Victoria (School District 61) instruct the Chair to write a letter to the Minster of Education, the Premier and the Treasury Board, asking the government to increase public education funding via a significant increase to the per pupil amount in the 2020 Provincial Budget in order to realistically meet the needs of students in BC Public Schools”. 

Motion to refer to Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee by Painter carried unanimously. [Ad Hoc Committees of the Board under Board of Education menu.]


This letter was crafted by the Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee and sent on March 12 :


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