2022/03/11 Friends of Bowker Creek/Camosun Community Association : Why Sale of SD61 Landsdowne Public Land is IIlegal

The 3d reading  (which had been postponed after community objection to the sale) bylaw to sell this supposedly “surplus” public property carried by 4 (Ferris, Leonard, Painter, Watters) to 3 (Duncan, Hentze, Whiteaker) at the Monday March 14 Board Meeting.   Trustees Rob Paynter  and Diane McNally   had been suspended early in March, barred from meetings and from receiving any information, and barred from voting.

The legality of the Board’s suspensions and revoking of elected officials’ votes will soon be reviewed by the BC Supreme Court. Trustees’ lawyers paid for by self (with help from you on Go Fund Me). Board lawyers paid for by you from SD61 funds.

If McNally and Paynter had been at the table, and Hentze stayed committed to her stand, this land sale would have been defeated 5-4 .




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