Category: Programs of Choice

McNally: That all personnel accounted for (in addition to the proposed reduction in clerical support and reduction in Learning Mentor FTE) under “Learning Initiatives” be reassigned to appropriate positions in SD61, and the department “Learning Initiatives” be closed. / Defeated. Rationale: According to the information trustees were given at orientation (the Department’s budget for 2011-12) this department’s budget is, or was pre-Learning Mentors cuts, approximately $1,088,181. There is no need for an in-house professional development consultancy.

“Though the Sundance community, as well as the hundreds of individuals who have written to you in support of Sundance, are presently disillusioned with the way this process has been handled so far, we still hope that a more positive solution will be found. We want what we have always wanted, to work with the board to meet the budget constraints as well as the needs of the children who call Sundance “home”.”