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Is establishing a Foundation with private funders to fund public education holding the Ministry of Education and the Provincial government’s feet to the fire, or inviting them to  kick back and roast vegan marshmallows while the Foundation’s staff (if it is large and wealthy enough to have its own staff and not utilize District staff) organizes and  holds golf tournaments and  solicits contributions from corporations and individual philanthropists?      (Article on P2 below if link doesn’t get you there.) It’s so frustrating to read yet again that tired straw-man trope that does a deep disservice to BC’s excellent system of public education, “regurgitation of facts”.  It’s been a very long time since fact give-back  (let’s avoid the “regurgitation” imagery) was central to public […]

Present: Tom Ferris (Vice Chair, in Chair), Elaine Leonard, Edith Loring-Kuhanga (chair, by phone), Diane McNally, Deborah Nohr, Peg Orcherton, Rob Paynter, Jordan Watters Ann Whiteaker A. Commencement of Meeting A.1 Adoption of Agenda: additions: Secretary-Treasurer: Presentation at A.2 A.2 Budget Presentation (Pp 5-16 agenda; rentals Pp 167-21) Secretary-Treasurer: Still have structural deficit; spending more […]