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Unofficial meeting records and more from SD61 Greater Victoria

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This synopsis of the 35 page report by the investigating lawyer Roslyn Goldner was provided for SD61 Trustees on April 13, 2019.  It’s full of loaded words, general conclusions drawn from one supposed incident, and many more examples of writing that is about as far from objective as you can get, very similar to the […]

This debacle started early in 2019. Not only was the entire Board criticized by  17 anonymous members of the Principals and Vice Principals Association of SD 61 – each Trustee (I assume) received a specific personal  criticism. My rebuttal is below the criticism. I apparently have no right to know my accusers. To every rebuttal, […]

I asked the Chair for 30 seconds to speak after the reading of the censure resolution. I was denied. Here’s my 30 seconds, with my full letter to the Board following: Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words this evening. [I didn’t get the opportunity to speak; denied by the Chair.] I […]