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Yes, I support inclusion. I taught children and youth with “severe and profound” challenges for ten years. If a student is non verbal, has no communication system reliably developed,  and does not want to be in a situation, how to let everyone know that? “Behaviours” to be “managed” could  often be cries for help or […]

February 15/19 Partner Forum summary, Ministry of Education SD44 North Vancouver: “Our Board has not reached a consensus on the appropriateness of the prevalence model over a medical designation model. As illustrated in our Board discussion, the proposal is not well understood and various questions and concerns have been raised. Further, there is strong suspicion […]

  Could all the references to local Board “flexibility to meet local needs”  in reports supporting Profile Funding [prevalence] be the same offload onto Boards to bear the brunt of stakeholder frustration that we’ve experienced in an ongoing and increasingly untenable way since 2002, when the real problem is there is not enough funding to […]

As part of the ongoing boundary review in SD61, Victor School was being considered for treatment as a catchment school, meaning that students from the adjacent community would enter the school in regular classes, taking pressure off exiting schools, and that the Victor students would  move… someplace else. Lakehill was proposed. Parents received a letter […]

BC School Act: Board is a corporation 65 … (3) Committees of trustees or individual trustees may not exercise the rights, duties and powers of the board. As locally elected officials, are City Councillors expected to sit quietly for four years if they disagree with a direction of Council? No. Yet it’s considered a violation […]