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Unofficial meeting records and more from SD61 Greater Victoria

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  Present: Nicole Duncan (2018), Tom Ferris (elected 1999), Angie  Hentze (2018), Elaine Leonard (elected 1996),  Diane McNally (2011), Ryan Painter(2018), Rob Paynter (2014),  Jordan Watters (2014), Ann Whiteaker (2014) A. Commencement of meeting: Audio and video recorded. On YouTube. After March 9/20, click on the calendar date here for agenda, minutes  and presentations: […]

For the purpose of being protected from anonymous accusations, in this context it’s too bad Trustees aren’t “employees”, because we have no protection from anonymous accusers. This situation has played out badly in SD61, and the process has yet to be reviewed. Meetings ere put off again and again, the agenda was re-worked several times […]

While researching existing BC School District Policies on trustee codes of ethics and related censure policies, I discovered that the BC School Trustees’ Association does not review Policies or require any standardization in regard to developed by Boards of Education. Which makes it possible for  this interesting Policy to be on the books in SD74 […]