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Undoubtedly the idea that Ministry of Education funding categories for students with special needs and the related class size and composition language (illegally stripped from a negotiated Collective Agreement in 2002 ) is a form of discrimination has come to your attention at some point. Possibly, it is: discrimination can be positive, as in the […]

I’ve heard arguments that I don’t understand the scientific method. I do.What I don’t understand is the notion that using our children as test subjects in ongoing research into the cellular and cognitive effects of wireless technology is ok. No conclusive findings exist that prove WiFi is entirely benign. Because an important part of my […]

When I go to schools to talk with and listen to  parents as they arrive with their children, often one person will want to come back to talk about an issue that is especially important to him or her. Today I listened to questions and comments about the shamefully inadequate funding for extra service and […]

At Occupy Victoria, I spent some time  talking to people in the crowd about public education and school trusteeship. I eventually found myself talking to a large man who rebuffed any effort at reasonable conversation and who said after a very short exchange,  “You’re only in this for yourself. I can tell.” I didn’t know […]