June 12/17: Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee: Proposed New SD61 Enrolment Protocol / Draft Facilities Plan (First Ever?)

Recommended motion (recommended by the Committee): TTB accept the recommendations of the Student Registration and Transfer Ad Hoc Committee.
Proposed new enrolment protocol for a school: 1. re-enrolling student 2. catchment sibling 3. new catchment child 4. non catchment sibling 5. non catchment child 6. non school district child . / One parent speaker: Changing schools can lead to psychosis.

The Record Off The Record

The Record Off The Record is my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and Standing Committee meetings. Official, approved minutes are on the SD61 website, one month after the meeting.

SD61 Greater Victoria School District includes students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of Saanich and the Highlands, and the Traditional Territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.

Meeting schedule hereMeeting agendas posted on SD61 website Friday before the meeting. Board meetings  audio and video recorded, though Standing Committees are not. (Under the Board of Education menu.)

(Board Chair Loring-Kuhanga member of both, ex officio)
Operations Policy&Planning Chair Watters, McNally, Leonard, Paynter
Ed Policy&Development: Chair Whiteaker, Ferris, Nohr, Orcherton
Policy SubCommittee:  Mar/17–May/17 Ferris&Orcherton

Standing committees are the best opportunity for stakeholders, public, and partner groups to make their views known to Trustees.  Standing  Committee structure operates on less formal   Rules of Order than does the Board, ie. no need for a seconder for a motion, and a Trustee  can speak as many times as the Chair allows; members of the public and presenters can ask questions of each other and engage in dialogue.The question can’t be called in a standing committee, meaning debate can extend for some time. Most substantive debate on motions takes place at the standing committees.  


Spectrum Ferris& Leonard
Mount Doug Paynter
Oak Bay Loring-Kuhanga
Reynolds Nohr&Orcherton
Vic High McNally
Lambrick Whiteaker
Esquimalt Watters


Aboriginal Nations Education Council McNally
District Facilities Planning Committee Ferris
Gender Sexuality Alliance Watters
Equity Ad Hoc Committee Paynter & Watters
French Immersion Advisory Ferris
Needs Budget Advisory Committee Orcherton, Leonard, Nohr
Public Engagement Ad Hoc Committee McNally & Orcherton
Student Registration & Transfer Committee Ferris & Nohr
Middle School Review Committee Whiteaker & Leonard


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June is Orca Month: City of Victoria, BC, Washington State, Oregon

October 21/13 Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: 3.5% For CUPE, 10% For Trustees?

The growing emphasis on “school choice” is marketization of public education, creating a retail model that encourages and demands competition amongst schools just as any retail operation competes for customers.

Note: Report of the SD61 Committee on Public Engagement is posted on the SD61 website. It includes 14 strictures on asking a question at a Board meeting if you’re a member of the public. Discussion  of this document will continue at OPPS meetings.

The Record Off The Record is my personal record of and commentary on Board and Standing Committee meetings in School District 61 (Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal and a portion of Saanich and Highlands ). “Official” approved minutes of Board  and Standing Committee  meetings  are posted on the SD61 website under the “Board of Education” menu, (Education Policy Development Committee is posted as “Education Meetings”; Operations Policy and Planning Committee is posted as “Operations Meetings”) generally one month after the meeting.

Reports from In Camera meetings are posted on the Board meeting page as “Section 72 Reports”. “Section 72” refers to Section 72 (3) of the BC the School Act which states “ A board must prepare a record containing a general statement as to the nature of the matters discussed and the general nature of the decisions reached at a meeting from which persons other than trustees or officers of the board, or both, were excluded, and the record must be open for inspection at all reasonable times by any person, who may make copies and extracts on payment of a fee set by the board.” Key word: “general”.

Reports in addition to the “general” report required from an In Camera meeting (posted on the SD61 website) to the public in attendance at a Board or Standing Committee meeting directly following the In Camera meeting are made if a motion to do so is made by a Trustee, carried by majority vote in camera.

The public meeting schedule is posted on the District Calendar.  Trustees  are referred to by last name only for brevity; “the Board of Education of SD No. 61 (Greater Victoria) is referred to as “the Board [etc]”. Motions are shortened but retain the essential wording.

No audio recordings are made of Standing Committee meetings, only of Board meetings. (No record of how the audio recording decision was made, or any debate on proposed uses of and storage of the record appears to exist.

Trustee Assignments December 2012-December 2013
Trustee Assignments December 2012-December 2013

I am not on the GVTA Negotiations Advisory Committee, though that’s what this assignment (by the Chair) chart says. I still don’t know if the GVTA Negotiations Advisory Committee above is the same thing as the two trustees who sit at the local issues bargaining table with the teacher employee group, or if that is called something else. Two trustees do sit at that table and neither of them is me, since as far as I know, they are Orcherton and Ferris, not Orcherton and me. The BC School Trustees Association states: “Trustees in some districts participate directly in union negotiations; in other districts the bargaining is left to staff and the board approves the negotiated agreements.” Trustees in SD61 do not have any part in developing bargaining objectives (as far as I know) , although we are responsible for them.