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There are 200+ BCCPAC Resolutions – ongoing, achieved or pending. Worth a look. Here’s an interesting one from 1994 still on the books: “That students have the opportunity to be taught the most commonly held theories on the origins of our universe and life on our planet, or at least be given a list of resources to explore these on their own; And that students be encouraged to discuss the pros and cons of these theories without being criticized for their opinions, in order to promote critical thinking skills;And that students be taught evolution as theory, not fact. ” Status: Active.

Next Meetings: Mon Apr 11 7:00: Operations Policy and Planning Standing Committee and Special Budget Meeting to receive public input: (250) 475-4106 to pre-register for the speakers’ list Mon Apr 18 7:30 pm: Board Meeting Wed Apr 20 7 pm: Final debate and vote on 2016/17 Budget Present: Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr, Orcherton, Paynter, […]

McNally: That the Superintendent recommend policy that would specifically define physical assets based on the Cariboo-Chilcotin District 27 wording [quoted in document above] : that assets include all real property, including but not limited to teacherages, portables, vehicles, equipment, office furniture, computer equipment, electronic waste, library and text books,and obsolete inventory and / or supplies. / Defeated. For: McNally, Paynter Against: Leonard, Nohr, Watters

Robert’s Rules of Order 11th Edition: Debate on the Question p 42 / p 43: “Speakers must address their remarks to the Chair. Debate must be confined to the merits of the pending question. ..and…should avoid injecting a personal tone into debate. …they must never attack or make any allusion to the motives of members.” // p 392: “The measure, not the member, is the subject of debate.”

P1: Standing Committee / Board Meeting Report P2: SD61 Applicable Bylaws / Standing Committees / Letters from BC School Boards P3: Disclaimer / SD61  Backgrounder P4: District PAC (aka DPAC, VCPAC) Constitution excerpts Links for more info /sources underlined. Sticky post: Motions and Trustee Voting Records  January 2012 – March 2015. The District now posts […]