Lined Paper

Unofficial meeting records and more from SD61 Greater Victoria

With new campaign financing rules for BC civic elections for 2018, I can only contribute $2400 of my own money. That went fast – graphic designer (Michele at Ink-Well), photographer (Robin Duncan), signs (Alley Kat), rack cards (Camosun union print shop), car decal (Graphix FX),  blatantly  self-promoting custom t-shirts (Style N Print), other advertising, even […]

    The K-12 public education landscape in SD61 today is complex with many factors and issues to consider. Please let me know what you see as priorities. Contact me at, Facebook at Diane McNally SD61 Greater Victoria School Trustee, and Twitter at @McNallySD61BC. I’m asking for your support to continue to work on your behalf […]

New Board will be sworn in November 5. This is a compressed meeting schedule this month, along with election activities so this is a compressed OPPS report! Elected SD61 Trustees: Leonard (1996), Ferris (1999), Orcherton (1999), Loring-Kuhanga (2011), McNally (2011), Nohr (2011), Paynter (2014),  Watters (2014), Whiteaker (2014) P. 1 Operations Policy and Planning Meeting P. 2. DPAC Constitution / BCCPAC Lined Paper is  my […]

P1: Education Policy and Directions  Standing Committee Meeting notes P2:  PACs, SD61 DPAC, BCCPAC SD61 Elected Trustees: Leonard (1996), Ferris (1999), Orcherton (1999), Loring-Kuhanga (2011 – not standing for election), McNally (2011), Nohr (2011 – not standing for election), Paynter (2014),  Watters (2014), Whiteaker (2014) Civic elections BC October 20/18. Lined Paper is  my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and  Standing Committee meetings. Official, […]

School District 61 includes parts of Saanich, the Highlands, all of View Royal, Oak Bay, City of Victoria, Esquimalt and the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. So your name would  be on ballots in all six municipalities! If you want to make difference in public education, a fundamental public good, come out to this event! Thanks […]

The BCSTA – Ministry of Education Memorandum of Understanding supposedly enshrines a “co-governance” relationship. The bottom line is, the Ministry is in charge. Under the previous provincial government that was very clear. I had hoped for better this time. And all the extra teachers? Thank  the BCTF.  But how will the new funding formula affect […]